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Tom Buck and the Screaming Stink – a cattle drive from Texas to Abilene is interrupted by a creature the local Indian tribes called the “stink” and which today’s readers will recognize as Big Foot or Sasquatch. The trail boss, Tom Buck becomes obsessed with the idea of catching one of these monsters. This leads to him into the Rockies, where he and his sidekicks encounter a murderous mountain man, a saloon with a collection of withered hands, and the creature they seek. When Tom Buck comes face to face with the Big Foot, he discovers things unfathomable and indescribable for a Nineteenth Century cowboy. This novelette is part Western, part paranormal thriller, and all good old fashioned excitement.
The Moon of Innocence – This is a historical romantic murder mystery full of twists and turns and a surprise ending that will stay with you long after you stop reading. Set in 1963 among the peasants of Catalonia as the Spanish dictator Franco tries to abolish the Catalan language, the story follows Cesar, an aspiring poet, and Maria, a farm daughter, as their love spirals out of control and leads to murder. Love, murder, secret lives, and language all come together in this intense, beautiful, and ultimately shocking story. (novel, paperback and e-book)
Broadway Vampire – while writing his memoirs, Broadway producer and vampire Gus Windham has his computer hacked by other vampires who want him to stop. One of his employees is murdered, and he agrees to help the police even though he is an all consuming serial killer himself. Meanwhile, he’s got a ten million dollar bet riding on his revival of Pretty Lady, and he hangs out with the glitterati at the legendary Elaine’s nightspot. Chockablock with Broadway lore and horrific gore. (novel, paperback and e-book)
Beach Tales – This is a fiction collection of a dozen short stories written while the author was with the Miami Herald Sunday Magazine, where a number of the stories first appeared. Each tale is a storytelling gem. (stories, paperback and e-book)
The Curse of the Yellow Mandolin and Other Stories brings together nine new stories, eight of which were published on line as blog posts or e-books from September 2013 – August 2014. This is the first time in print or e-print for Bad Penny, the other story in this collection. While exploring themes of paranormal erotica, deep space mining and exploration, zombies, parallel universes, aliens, voodoo, meeting the Devil, Uke Jackson gives his flair for the macabre and twisty plots full range. These stories will endure and entertain for generations to come.
Ukulele Land – Now in e-book and paperback. The cult hit 2008 romantic musical comedy set in a dystopian future controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. A hundred years from now music is illegal unless it’s made by Top Ten artists. Sex and drug evasion are also illegal. The story follows 3 young outlaw ukulele players and the mysterious stranger who changes all their lives forever. Their music launches a ukulele revolution. Corporate power collapses and love and music return to the planet forever. (libretto – story and lyrics -- no sheet music, paperback, e-book and paperback)
Café Lysistrata: A Musical Sex Comedy – written to be performed by 5 women on one set (with doubling roles), this rollicking comedy is perfect for community theater with a comic edgy sensibility. The songs comment on love, hats, war, money, internet porn, and feminism. Includes libretto and sheet music. (book&lyrics, paperback)
Zombie Music – Told from the perspective of a young woman who is lover to both the men who saved her life during the zombie apocalypse. Both of her men are musicians. One reader said “This story stayed with me. I enjoyed it and thought that was it. Then it went off like a depth charge the next day.” (story, e-book)
The Musicians – The musician ghosts of an unsolved ax murder appear to the bluegrass mandolin-playing owner of the house where they were murdered 75 years before, on Halloween. He solves the case, and finds himself the arbiter of justice, in an unexpected way. (story, e-book)
MashUp – Carol Lyhall is a successful playwright who gets commissioned to write a screenplay adapted from the Decadent 1890 novella Bruges la Mort while she is under the care of a psychiatrist. This Hitchcock-like story follows the playwright as her contemporary Manhattan reality merges with the story of the 120 year old novella. Eventually madness wins and the story ends with a riveting twist that serves as a social commentary as well as startling denoument. (story, e-book)
The Singer of New Terra – a solo deep space explorer searching out mineral wealth on behalf of the ruling Consortium finds a planet perfect for colonization by humans. His discovery and the reaction to it come together in a devastating finale. (story, e-book)
Don’t Walk Down Fourth Street with a Trombone – An erotic story of paranormal sex, drugs, and trombones set in Easton, Pennsylvania. Why would a ghost haunt trombone players? Could the Moravian religious sect be part of the answer? Even Edger Allan Poe makes an appearance in this (story, e-book)
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Tom Buck and the Werewolves - Tom Buck and O'Neal are deputized as US Marshals by Lew Wallace, Governor of New Mexico and author of the all-time best-selling American novel Ben Hur. Tom Buck and his sidekick agree to hunt the monster that is terrorizing New Mexico from Santa Fe to Lincoln, ripping out its human victims hearts' and howling through the inescapable full moon nights. Their hunt brings them face to face with Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. A rip roaring horror thriller. (e-book only)
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20th Year Anniversary River Tales Re-releaseTwenty years ago, the River Tales storytelling and music project was hailed for its originality, fun factor, and outstanding production values. River Tales originated on WBAI – FM Community Public Radio in Manhattan. Soon the Tales were featured on nearly 200 public radio stations throughout the English-speaking world.
Three CDs based on the series were released over the next five years. Stellar reviews appeared in print media around the country, from Audiophile Magazine to Philadelphia Inquirer to Publishers Weekly. The American Library Association put River Tales on their Top Ten list of audio releases, and the project was awarded a coveted Parents Choice Award.
Now, all 3 CDs (3 hours of listening pleasure) are available for download for one price of $9.99     —CLICK BELOW .
Tracks 1, 8 and 13 are available to listen to in their entirety, free, on
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