2 fluid ounces
True Goat Ginseng Elixir is a small batch high potency tincture made from 100% North American Ginseng Root from the woodlands of Appalachia, which is the most sought after ginseng root on the planet due to its exceptional properties.

Each 2 ounce bottle provides enough tincture of ginseng for a course of two droppers a day for thirty days (60 milliliters). It is made with alcohol distilled from organic American grown and harvested grain. That and the ginseng are the only ingredients. We made twenty 2 ounce bottles this year (2014).

One and one half pounds of our Appalachian gathered root, plus the leaves and a few fresh seeds are soaked in one liter of alcohol in a vessel that is turned on a schedule to allow maximum infusion to take place. After the two month period of immersion, the alcohol is separated from the herbal matter and strained.

The herbal matter is subjected to a time honored practice to remove the maximum precious beneficence contained in the ginseng. The resulting elixir is added proportionally to the alcohol.

True Goat Ginseng Elixir provides high potency dosages delivered in a manner proven to give the best results.

Thank you for leaning about our 100% American product. Peace and prosperity to all.

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